Semi Automatic Kurkure Line

Capacity: 150 kg / hour, based on Kurkure & Frying Time of 24 Seconds, Water content 11% (* capacity is dependent of bulk density, frying time and moisture content)

Some Salient features:

  • Low production cost.
  • Low fuel consumption: Due to Latest Heating technology with Inbuilt Heat Exchanger.
  • Low Edible oil absorption due to less temperature drop (delta T) gives less oil absorption.
  • Low manpower
  • Better Finished product quality and longer Shelf- life
  • Optimal Oil turnover ratio
  • High productivity.
  • Complete material of construction is SS 304 (food grade) except standard component i.e motor, bearings etc..
  • All electrical components are CE approved. Burner is as per EU standards.
  • Better Hygiene and working environment


  • Civil & Foundation Work
  • Electric Cabling and Earthing to –from control panel and individual equipment
  • Air Compressor, its accessories and pressure regulating valve
  • Stair case, platform, chimney etc
  • Water, Air and Edible oil,fuel, piping and valves to the equipment
  • Unloading, loading and positioning of equipment at site
  • Any other item not specifically mentioned in our proposal hereinabove

Line includes following equipments

  • Frying system
  • De-oiling Belt
  • Linear Feeder
  • Flavor Applicator & Drum
  • Slurry System
  • Control Panel